Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Itty Bitty Piggy



Can we focus on how amazing this upcoming weekend is going to be?  Checking out a new bar dt called TC Cat on Thursday, then out on a friends boat Saturday then drinks downtown for my girl's Bachelorette party.
I  need my peacock braclet to come back into style :/  This is me in madison, on pepin place, where I grew up.  Well if you wanna think i've grown up.  I haven't really. 
In sad P90x news, this is the start of my 4th week, and sadly I am re-doing my 3rd week.  Last week was just too busy to workout every night but I'm FOCUSED on completing this, no matter how long it takes!  So I did Kenpo X monday, and Core synergistics last night.  Gotta look good for the boat this weekend :)
October is quickly approaching, and unlike every other year, I'm not going to scramble last minute to create a fabulous costume. I'm gonna be... NICKI MINAJ. I'm pretty much her.  Not. I'm pretty good at her down-syndrome sounding raps though:
 Isn't this wig PERFECT?  Its for a cleopatra costume.. So that'll be my back up costume lol:
Now all i need is a sexy outfit....
Until next time

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