Sunday, August 8, 2010

Easy Button

I sold the Zara wedges!  Jasmine over at Vintage Vandalizm bought them, she's such a babe.  I was shocked to see that she commented on my blog. She added me to her blogroll, so I gotta amp up my postings now!  I'll have to go through her list and find some new blood to stalk....haha.

I had a busy 3 day weekend to say the least.  Took Friday off of work to head up to Wisconsin Dells with my bf, I bought him zipline tickets for his birthday in July and we decided to make a whole day out of it.

GI Joe Allan
my picture sucks!
It was so gorgeous out, mid 70's so not too hot.  By the third zip line I really got the hang of it and was flipping upside down. 
loved the harness
My stallion

I paid $35 freeking dollars for the professional pics they took (first two, above) ripoff!

Here's some of the footage from our day:

That night we went to a Madison Mallards baseball game with my friend Lyndsay and her husband Jon.  Since Lyndsay is on the 9 month no drinking plan, she focused heavily on making sure I got GOOD and drunk :S

Lyndz and I acting a fool

Saturday night I went to Allans Madison Mustangs football game with a group of friends, then out for some drinks with my friend Emily

Here's Allan, #33, on the ticket :) And my blue manicured thumbnail

Emily and I at a bar called Logans downtown Madison, drink choice of the night: Bubblegum 3 Olives with Sugar Free Redbull.  Yes.

Random picture o' the day, this pic was taken in my kitchen/dining room.  The wall mural is something that my Mom helped me pick out when I first bought my condo:

The 'modely' photo shoot was for Merl's Etsy shop where she sells handmade jewelry.

I recently stumbled across this video, and even if you're not into watching makeup tutorial videos, I think you should take a look, the editing is A-MAZING (reason 200 to get a MAC):

All of that brings us to here, me blogging on Sunday afternoon, and I have to confess:  I skipped my Friday and Saturday P90x workouts!  Yikes.  And currently, I have a bajillion things to clean around my condo, including a pile of clean clothes that need to be put away.  Allan brought over his chin up bar  I HAVE to do my P90x and I'm gonna do both workouts I missed: Legs and Back, Ab ripper, and Kenpo X.  Sorry messy condo: you'll be slaughtered tomorrow.

Thanks for reading :)

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