Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Itty Bitty Piggy



Can we focus on how amazing this upcoming weekend is going to be?  Checking out a new bar dt called TC Cat on Thursday, then out on a friends boat Saturday then drinks downtown for my girl's Bachelorette party.
I  need my peacock braclet to come back into style :/  This is me in madison, on pepin place, where I grew up.  Well if you wanna think i've grown up.  I haven't really. 
In sad P90x news, this is the start of my 4th week, and sadly I am re-doing my 3rd week.  Last week was just too busy to workout every night but I'm FOCUSED on completing this, no matter how long it takes!  So I did Kenpo X monday, and Core synergistics last night.  Gotta look good for the boat this weekend :)
October is quickly approaching, and unlike every other year, I'm not going to scramble last minute to create a fabulous costume. I'm gonna be... NICKI MINAJ. I'm pretty much her.  Not. I'm pretty good at her down-syndrome sounding raps though:
 Isn't this wig PERFECT?  Its for a cleopatra costume.. So that'll be my back up costume lol:
Now all i need is a sexy outfit....
Until next time

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Buyers Market

I am a selling MACHINE.  I just sold my 'old' iPhone 3GS yesterday, after picking up my new iPhone 4!  It takes great pictures and I'm a papparazzi so I had to have it.  I also have a few dresses I might post here juuust in case my luck goes on a roll. 

I'm currently downloading the iMovie app for it too - so I can edit videos on the go.  Expect picture/video overload.  Sorry/you're welcome.

I also just figured out how to quickly transfer my iPhone pics to my computer versus emailing them.  So here's a few randoms from the last couple months:

I came home one night to find this in my parking garage:
Car parked more than halfway out of their stall?  

Annnnd a note??


So I gather that this guy blames the condo management for HIM running into a concrete wall with his car because ONE light was out in this huge parking garage???  OMFGLOL

Might have to submit the above pictures to 

Some friends and I went to an outlet mall in Kenosha a few weeks ago, where they had a BCBG outlet!  I tried on 5-6 dresses, leaving with one plain black 'classic' dress.  Too often I find myself buying loud colorfull dresses and only wanting to wear them once.  Stay tuned to see the black dress, I'll be wearing it to a wedding on Sept 5th!  Somebody PLEASE tell me why I didn't purchase this green number??? 

EH.   Look at my SHORT legs!  Sad face.

This is Sasha's prime spot in the morning while I'm getting ready for work:

This is my God daughter Savi (Savannah)  She's hilarious, sweet, cute and a bullet in soccer. 

PLEASE ignore the mess in this next picture.  Just focus on the whale flopping around center stage:
THIS IS ME!  Doing P90x last night, flavor of the day was Core synergistics and here I was doing "Superman, Banana".  Its apparently for abs, but I just feel like I'm a rolling pin flattening my yoga mat. Barf. 

Speaking of mess:  I'm blogging from a new spot in the condo: The kitchen table.  Tip of the day, move your laptop from the couch to somewhere you can be productive.  Tonight I'm going to tackle a pile of papers and mail stacked almost as high as my WALL MOUNTED TV..  I suck at going through mail and do it maybe once a month.  The bf suggests I go 'paperless' by getting everything emailed to me but I sense a disaster if I do that.  I probably will though..

Then it's Cardio X for my workout.  Wish me luck!!

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Easy Button

I sold the Zara wedges!  Jasmine over at Vintage Vandalizm bought them, she's such a babe.  I was shocked to see that she commented on my blog. She added me to her blogroll, so I gotta amp up my postings now!  I'll have to go through her list and find some new blood to stalk....haha.

I had a busy 3 day weekend to say the least.  Took Friday off of work to head up to Wisconsin Dells with my bf, I bought him zipline tickets for his birthday in July and we decided to make a whole day out of it.

GI Joe Allan
my picture sucks!
It was so gorgeous out, mid 70's so not too hot.  By the third zip line I really got the hang of it and was flipping upside down. 
loved the harness
My stallion

I paid $35 freeking dollars for the professional pics they took (first two, above) ripoff!

Here's some of the footage from our day:

That night we went to a Madison Mallards baseball game with my friend Lyndsay and her husband Jon.  Since Lyndsay is on the 9 month no drinking plan, she focused heavily on making sure I got GOOD and drunk :S

Lyndz and I acting a fool

Saturday night I went to Allans Madison Mustangs football game with a group of friends, then out for some drinks with my friend Emily

Here's Allan, #33, on the ticket :) And my blue manicured thumbnail

Emily and I at a bar called Logans downtown Madison, drink choice of the night: Bubblegum 3 Olives with Sugar Free Redbull.  Yes.

Random picture o' the day, this pic was taken in my kitchen/dining room.  The wall mural is something that my Mom helped me pick out when I first bought my condo:

The 'modely' photo shoot was for Merl's Etsy shop where she sells handmade jewelry.

I recently stumbled across this video, and even if you're not into watching makeup tutorial videos, I think you should take a look, the editing is A-MAZING (reason 200 to get a MAC):

All of that brings us to here, me blogging on Sunday afternoon, and I have to confess:  I skipped my Friday and Saturday P90x workouts!  Yikes.  And currently, I have a bajillion things to clean around my condo, including a pile of clean clothes that need to be put away.  Allan brought over his chin up bar  I HAVE to do my P90x and I'm gonna do both workouts I missed: Legs and Back, Ab ripper, and Kenpo X.  Sorry messy condo: you'll be slaughtered tomorrow.

Thanks for reading :)

Wednesday, August 4, 2010


So this day turned out to be GREAT.  Why?  I GOT A RAISE AT WORK!!!  I work for a company that sells commercial furniture, security products among other random things... and have been there for about 4 years.   We recently bought another company out so I'll be adding more to my workload.  Just recently I added 'hand model' to my line of work, for our most recent brochure.&nbsYou'd be floored at all the theft that happens at libraries. We sell direct to Public Libraries and college libraries :)  So if you're planning on stealing a DVD from a library, don't even THINK about it!

I get to travel 4-6 times a year, to attend LIBRARY TRADE SHOWS.  Now, I know what you're thinking, how CAN she party so hard?  These librarians are out-of-con-trol I'm telling you.  Basically, there's one thing you need to know about most librarians: They're looking for free stuff, and free stuff only.  Once you start introducing your product they're outta there.  Sometimes they'll even pick up props from our booth and say "is this free?".  Overall, I look forward to these trips.  I've been to a ton of great cities since working here.  I love going to California shows the most.  Only major city I haven't been yet:  New York City.  It's my dream to go there.  I plan shopping excursions every time I travel for work too. Got this dress from Zara (we dont have Zara's in the midwest!) last month when I was in Washington DC:

On a sad note, I was excited to find some boot wedges at Zara that I had been eyeing on Ebay.  I bought them a size too big :X  They say size 39 on the bottom.  I'm a 7 so I'm guessing 39 is an 8? If anyone is interested, comment and I'd be happy to sell them.  Bought them for $70 and they've never been worn!

My shows for the rest of the year include: Wisconsin, down the road at the Kalahari Resort in Wisconsin Dells.  Michigan, Acme (Traverse City).  Ohio, Columbus. And Illinois at Navy Pier!  Pumped for shopping on Michigan Ave!! 

In blog news, my friend Merl asked me to guest blog for her while she's away on vay-cay...
Head over to Clyde's Rebirth and check out my guest blog. 

In P90X news, I did CORE yesterday and it wasn't that bad.  I'm exhausted but I HAVE to find the energy to do Cardio X tonight.  

Makeup news: I want to try this eyeliner look out.  Saw it on Vintage Vandalism's blog

I have friday off and am going on a zip-line tour in the Dells with my bf.  Read today on the news that a 12 year old girl from Florida was in the Dells this past weekend and FELL 100 feet from a free fall attraction (looks kinda like bungee jump) and the net wasn't out, so she hit concrete.  She survived but is probably going to be paralyzed.  Tragic.  Here's the story.

Hopefully I'll have happy pictures from my Dells experience to share... :)  

Sanitize and EXIT.

Monday, August 2, 2010

My CALF muscles are TWITCHING

So it's MONDAY.  And usually i hate mondays, as do you, but today is my day OFF aka REST DAY for P90x.  I started the schedule on a Tuesday, so instead of the regular scheduled sunday rest day, mine is monday.  HENNYWAYS:  Friday i skipped Yoga X, shame on me.  Told myself I'd do it saturday.  Saturday I did legs and back, followed by ab ripper.  I don't have a pullup bar (boy is bringing it over sometime, he OBVIOUSLY doesn't need it...)
Yeah thats right. Meow

 SO, everytime the P90x vid did pullups I just did 10 pushups.
With that said, I'm not very sore from that portion of the workout, except for my legs.  We did every type of lunge, squat, and wall sit imaginable.  The one that has me limping today (monday night, 2 days later, yikes) was the calf raises.

Then came ab ripper, the second time i've done it and it has NOT gotten an ounce easier....

So I was pooped after those two workouts, and told myself I'd do yoga SUNDAY.  Sunday rolls around, and I do next on the list:  Kenpo X.  Now, I've been doing Tae Bo tapes/dvds for YEARS i'm telling you.  I owe it all to my High School gym teacher, Mrs. Phillips aka Mrs. Spanton.  LOVE her. She popped in a tae bo tape once and I was in LOVE.  Basketball, volleyball, and softball practices couldnt touch the muscles in my butt that Mr. Bo did... hehehe... Second best class in gym: "falling asleep techniques!"  LOL, i can still remember her soothing voice and rainforest sound effects.  And the smell of the stinky mats we laid on...

So yeah, back on track: Kenpo X is a lot like tae bo, and for me, a little easier.  I'm used to doing all the kicks and punches with bands attached to my feet, and in Kenpo X there was none of that.  Still good workout though. No Yoga yet though :(

So on my rest day today I thought I'd take care of some bidness so I have all week to focus on workouts.  Went to Target, Walgreens and Mounds.  And wandered.  Just wandered.  I couldnt find anything I was looking for, damn you Target.  BUT the purchase that makes up for it all: kitties first catnip:

I'll leave you with this 'skinny' blast from the past (high school! look at the leopard belt! Abercrombie baby tee! God i was the shit):