Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Buyers Market

I am a selling MACHINE.  I just sold my 'old' iPhone 3GS yesterday, after picking up my new iPhone 4!  It takes great pictures and I'm a papparazzi so I had to have it.  I also have a few dresses I might post here juuust in case my luck goes on a roll. 

I'm currently downloading the iMovie app for it too - so I can edit videos on the go.  Expect picture/video overload.  Sorry/you're welcome.

I also just figured out how to quickly transfer my iPhone pics to my computer versus emailing them.  So here's a few randoms from the last couple months:

I came home one night to find this in my parking garage:
Car parked more than halfway out of their stall?  

Annnnd a note??


So I gather that this guy blames the condo management for HIM running into a concrete wall with his car because ONE light was out in this huge parking garage???  OMFGLOL

Might have to submit the above pictures to 

Some friends and I went to an outlet mall in Kenosha a few weeks ago, where they had a BCBG outlet!  I tried on 5-6 dresses, leaving with one plain black 'classic' dress.  Too often I find myself buying loud colorfull dresses and only wanting to wear them once.  Stay tuned to see the black dress, I'll be wearing it to a wedding on Sept 5th!  Somebody PLEASE tell me why I didn't purchase this green number??? 

EH.   Look at my SHORT legs!  Sad face.

This is Sasha's prime spot in the morning while I'm getting ready for work:

This is my God daughter Savi (Savannah)  She's hilarious, sweet, cute and a bullet in soccer. 

PLEASE ignore the mess in this next picture.  Just focus on the whale flopping around center stage:
THIS IS ME!  Doing P90x last night, flavor of the day was Core synergistics and here I was doing "Superman, Banana".  Its apparently for abs, but I just feel like I'm a rolling pin flattening my yoga mat. Barf. 

Speaking of mess:  I'm blogging from a new spot in the condo: The kitchen table.  Tip of the day, move your laptop from the couch to somewhere you can be productive.  Tonight I'm going to tackle a pile of papers and mail stacked almost as high as my WALL MOUNTED TV..  I suck at going through mail and do it maybe once a month.  The bf suggests I go 'paperless' by getting everything emailed to me but I sense a disaster if I do that.  I probably will though..

Then it's Cardio X for my workout.  Wish me luck!!

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  1. "Its apparently for abs, but I just feel like I'm a rolling pin flattening my yoga mat. Barf."

    this made me LOL. don't stop blogging.. i think you're funny even if you dont. xo