Monday, August 2, 2010

My CALF muscles are TWITCHING

So it's MONDAY.  And usually i hate mondays, as do you, but today is my day OFF aka REST DAY for P90x.  I started the schedule on a Tuesday, so instead of the regular scheduled sunday rest day, mine is monday.  HENNYWAYS:  Friday i skipped Yoga X, shame on me.  Told myself I'd do it saturday.  Saturday I did legs and back, followed by ab ripper.  I don't have a pullup bar (boy is bringing it over sometime, he OBVIOUSLY doesn't need it...)
Yeah thats right. Meow

 SO, everytime the P90x vid did pullups I just did 10 pushups.
With that said, I'm not very sore from that portion of the workout, except for my legs.  We did every type of lunge, squat, and wall sit imaginable.  The one that has me limping today (monday night, 2 days later, yikes) was the calf raises.

Then came ab ripper, the second time i've done it and it has NOT gotten an ounce easier....

So I was pooped after those two workouts, and told myself I'd do yoga SUNDAY.  Sunday rolls around, and I do next on the list:  Kenpo X.  Now, I've been doing Tae Bo tapes/dvds for YEARS i'm telling you.  I owe it all to my High School gym teacher, Mrs. Phillips aka Mrs. Spanton.  LOVE her. She popped in a tae bo tape once and I was in LOVE.  Basketball, volleyball, and softball practices couldnt touch the muscles in my butt that Mr. Bo did... hehehe... Second best class in gym: "falling asleep techniques!"  LOL, i can still remember her soothing voice and rainforest sound effects.  And the smell of the stinky mats we laid on...

So yeah, back on track: Kenpo X is a lot like tae bo, and for me, a little easier.  I'm used to doing all the kicks and punches with bands attached to my feet, and in Kenpo X there was none of that.  Still good workout though. No Yoga yet though :(

So on my rest day today I thought I'd take care of some bidness so I have all week to focus on workouts.  Went to Target, Walgreens and Mounds.  And wandered.  Just wandered.  I couldnt find anything I was looking for, damn you Target.  BUT the purchase that makes up for it all: kitties first catnip:

I'll leave you with this 'skinny' blast from the past (high school! look at the leopard belt! Abercrombie baby tee! God i was the shit):


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  1. Skinny Blast from the Past-NICE....I too dressed just as cool as you, once upon a time...leopard belt and all! We WERE THE SHITS back in H.S., I'd like to think we're all just the "Double Shits" now! Wouldn't you just love to go back and tell your high school self how to be cool?