Wednesday, February 20, 2013


I write notes all the time, little reminders to pick up bananas, don't forget to bring home my soup from work, my debit card pin number after I forgot it for 2 days, weight, body measurements, websites, upcoming races that I want to research...  I usually lose them or forget to bring them with me and end up remembering what I needed to do anyways.  I make fun of myself for sticking post it notes to my phone when I have an actual app for notes.  Last night my pin number randomly got declined at Costco.  Not my debit card; my pin number.  Couldn't even use the ATM. I've been using the same pin number for years and all of the sudden I forgot it about a week ago. And it seems the more you try to remember something you should know, the less chance you have of actually remembering. I had since remembered and had been using it with no problem.  I wonder if these cashiers think I'm trying to use a stolen card haha. So I had to call Allan, and he came to my rescue and bought the $87 worth of food. 

For a while I wouldnt throw away my calender/planners because I liked looking back to see what I had planned on a specific day, and all my little scribbles and notes throughout the year.  I'm nostalgic I guess. Or a horder.

Currently listening to: "I feel it all" by Feist on my Amy Winehouse  I Heart Radio station.  Good stuff.  I love when Janis Joplin comes on. 

Currently Eating: Salad, with tomatoes, (I've become a tomato person in the last month. Came out of nowhere) chick peas, red peppers, croutons, avacado and ranch dressing.  Cauliflower with sundried tomato and basil hummus.  Applesauce/oatmeal/banana/dried cranberry cookies thanks to pinterest.

Tonights workout: Body pump at the YMCA, but not before actually running more than 5 minues on the treadmill.  I need to do a good 7 miles or something.  Purge some toxins.  I should go to hot yoga soon.  I feel bad because I've missed one 5 mile and one 7 mile run on my Runkeeper training program. 

Since the last time I blogged- I ran outside last friday in 20 degree temps and my phone froze with 1 mile left of my 5 mile run.  Still felt great, but was freezing the rest of the night and my hands even went numb after my shower.  Must be my old age that's affecting my circulation. 

Didn't do much else as far as workouts over the weekend- just a yoga podcast at home on sunday afternoon after I realized the YMCA closes at 6 (or was it 7?) sundays.  Monday I went to my Body pump class and used a little less weight for the back track.  My back has actually never been so sore from a workout.  Odd how that worked. I think I was using too heavy of weight before and couldn't properly do the moves. 

Current weight for Body Pump classes:
Large plate =5KG = 11 lbs
Medium plate =2.5KG = 5.5 lbs
Small plate =1KG = 2.2 lbs

Warm up:  2 L = 22 lbs
Squats: 2 L, 2 M, 2 S= 37.4 lbs (THAT'S IT?)
Chest: 2 L, 2 S= 26.4 lbs
Triceps: 2 M, 2 S= 15.4 lbs
Back: 2 L, 4 S= 30.8 lbs
Lunges: Depends on how beat my legs are from squats, usually 2 L = 22 lbs, still burrrns
Shoulders: Body weight for pushups, 2 M for side raises
Abs: nada

Speaking of backs, Found this on FB, might be useful:

Made these last night after seeing it on a friends' instagram:

Banana + PB dipped in melted dark chocolate, then frozen.  Healthy or naughty?

I wonder when I'm going to break down and buy this suit?  The top itself is over $100.  In my defense I've never spent more than $40 on a suit though, I think.

For whatever reason I thought this was relevant when I saved it to my phone:

How sweet are my mom's valentines?:

Bye for now

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

I get it from my ... Daddy?

How cute is this new cup?

I found this plastic tumblr at Target on clearance for 9 dollars something.  I use disposable plastic cups every day at work and started to feel bad for the earth.  I drink WAY more water because of the straw, and have even started putting lemons in there.  Big things poppin.  BPA free.
Here's my sunday morning breakfast, almond milk, strawberries, and a banana.  I was out of spinach. 
My spin class monday was at a new-ish place downtown madison called CYC Fitness.  They have grueling 45 min classes, and what's awesome is that you're basically in the dark.  They turn the lights off in the room, blast the music, and have a spotlight on the instructor in the front.  I absolutley love that they spin to the beat.  Makes you really push yourself to keep up.  Mondays class was a special class because it was Beyonce themed.  'Like omg'.  The creator of CYC fitness even came all the way from New York (or Texas IDK) to teach the class.  His name is Keoni Hudoba and he's amazeballs.  This guy went from 300 and some pounds in 2009 to looking basically like a runway model now. 
Oh, and he's also an Under Armour model... nbd
I got all motivated after my spin class monday night and made an omlet to take to work the next day. With turkey bacon of course.
Am I a model yet?
I was so incredibly full after I ate this, I didnt even snack before my lunchbreak at 1.  I'll have to eat this more often..
So of course I stalked Keoni on instagram and thought this was a cool photo because it's absolutley true for most of my workouts:
Sorry, the GroupMe app notification was an unintentional part of this pic lol
I've always been the athletic type, but I can attribute my bizarre love of running to my Dad (and Mom).  Here's my Dad's latest Runkeeper activities, he is a boss:
My RunKeeper training for the half marathon in San Diego started last night, I was supposed to run 5 miles, but wasn't able to fit it in the schedule.  Shame on me.  But I will say that my two 5 mile treadmill runs in the past week make up for that.  I am however doing the 3 mile + tempo run tonight so I'll let you know how that goes.  It will be outside (finally), since it's a balmy 30 degrees outside.  Then I have my Wednesday Body Pump class afterwards.  Yeek.  Good thing I have a brand new Lululemon tank (found on saleeee) to make it all worth while ;)


Friday, February 8, 2013

Runs to Beyonce

This weeks workouts:
Monday: Body Pump (YMCA)- hurt my back squatting too much weight :/
Tuesday: Rest
Wednesday: Body Pump, felt much better
Thursday: 5 miles on treadmill
Friday: tonight I'll run or rest
Tomorrow I'm hoping to make it to the 8:35 am body pump

Last night's walk to the gym:

After the gym, it had been snowing so hard that my footprints were gone:

Just in time for spring training motivation: King Beyonce comes out and kills the superbowl halftime show last Sunday. My YMCA recently got treadmills with fancy personal tv screens on each one, and that are compatible with iPhones so last night I scanned the Internet for ways to download videos to my iPhone to watch while I run. I absolutely love watching Beyonces live performances and what better way to find motivation during a boring treadmill run than to watch bey bey own the stage...

Her Sweet Dreams perfromance from the 2009 Ema's

At first I tried downloading her performances from whatever google search came up first (shady, I know, and not very safe) but the files were not compatible with iTunes and it was difficult to convert them (as in the "converter software" literally shut off my laptop and deleted my iTunes) So I searched for ways to download videos directly from YouTube and found this: if you download the "Opera" web browser and install the YouTube add-on it adds a download button to every YouTube video... So voila- in no time at all I was sprinting (ok jogging) on the treadmill to Bey's 14 min halftime performance , Run the World Billboard performance, Freakum dress, Upgrade You, and Ring the Alarm MTV performances. Take THAT HGTV. 

How mean! Haha 
Poor Bey :( 

I ended up running 5 miles in just over 53 minutes and my average pace was 5.9 mph which comes out to about 10 min miles but that included my 3 min warm up and cool down. Not bad. I wish the workout summary would break up the workout by miles..pff. At my 3rd mile in I get a text on my phone from a friend that lives in Chicago, reading "Beyonce, July 17th, concert tickets, $85, you in?". My heart exploded! I saw her in concert a few years ago in Chicago with the same friend so I know it will be a blast.. If I don't get sick and have to hang my head out the limo window the whole way home...

In other news, my other friend and I just decided to run the Rock'n'Roll half marathon in San Diego on June 2nd, so it's actually time to start training for real. I prefer running outside and actually prefer cold temp runs here in the chilly Midwest but it's been snowing nonstop and the sidewalks are too slippery. I usually run with the ismoothrun app on my iPhone to track time/distance but it doesn't work that well on the treadmill. I usually just manually input my treadmill runs. I also have the runkeeper app and noticed that they now have training plans built into the app which is awesome. My 1st half marathon was last year in Madison, and my time was 2 hours 5 min, BUT it was sooo hot out (high of 93 degrees and they even cancelled the full marathon) so I like to think I would have been faster had it not been close to 100 degrees out haha. So for the half in San Diego I think I want to aim for under 2 hours. Whats the weather like in SD in June?! ah... So, here's my training plan via runkeeper: