Tuesday, March 23, 2010

My Blog Sucks

I have a lot of work to do, but since I FINALLY HAVE THE INTERNET I'll be able to keep connected to my favorite blogs (check out MERL and her amazing jewelry. You might even catch a glimpse of my dome in her many product pictures) , continue to be inspired, and spill some random thoughts. I'm positive that nobody reads this but I'm marking this as the beginning of a new venture doing something I love to do: makeup. I just started selling Motives makeup and am really excited for all the possibilities for my future. I love helping girls feel good, not like that sickos, but have always been the go-to person when someone wants to look and feel good about themselves. I would have a line to the back of the bus in high school with girls wanting their hair braided, wrapped, knotted and spiked for basketball, volleyball and softball. 4 years, every season. Yeah. And I can't wait for the carpel tunnel to set in! Thanks Mom :) And ever since then my talent has morphed to making faces look flawless. "Katie will you do my makeup!?"

I won't bore you anymore, I'll just post the link and hope (pray) someone wants to try the quality cosmetics. I know if they do, they will come back for more :) Click here for my Motives website.

GTG, my cat (panda) is shredding a bag of bread,