Wednesday, February 20, 2013


I write notes all the time, little reminders to pick up bananas, don't forget to bring home my soup from work, my debit card pin number after I forgot it for 2 days, weight, body measurements, websites, upcoming races that I want to research...  I usually lose them or forget to bring them with me and end up remembering what I needed to do anyways.  I make fun of myself for sticking post it notes to my phone when I have an actual app for notes.  Last night my pin number randomly got declined at Costco.  Not my debit card; my pin number.  Couldn't even use the ATM. I've been using the same pin number for years and all of the sudden I forgot it about a week ago. And it seems the more you try to remember something you should know, the less chance you have of actually remembering. I had since remembered and had been using it with no problem.  I wonder if these cashiers think I'm trying to use a stolen card haha. So I had to call Allan, and he came to my rescue and bought the $87 worth of food. 

For a while I wouldnt throw away my calender/planners because I liked looking back to see what I had planned on a specific day, and all my little scribbles and notes throughout the year.  I'm nostalgic I guess. Or a horder.

Currently listening to: "I feel it all" by Feist on my Amy Winehouse  I Heart Radio station.  Good stuff.  I love when Janis Joplin comes on. 

Currently Eating: Salad, with tomatoes, (I've become a tomato person in the last month. Came out of nowhere) chick peas, red peppers, croutons, avacado and ranch dressing.  Cauliflower with sundried tomato and basil hummus.  Applesauce/oatmeal/banana/dried cranberry cookies thanks to pinterest.

Tonights workout: Body pump at the YMCA, but not before actually running more than 5 minues on the treadmill.  I need to do a good 7 miles or something.  Purge some toxins.  I should go to hot yoga soon.  I feel bad because I've missed one 5 mile and one 7 mile run on my Runkeeper training program. 

Since the last time I blogged- I ran outside last friday in 20 degree temps and my phone froze with 1 mile left of my 5 mile run.  Still felt great, but was freezing the rest of the night and my hands even went numb after my shower.  Must be my old age that's affecting my circulation. 

Didn't do much else as far as workouts over the weekend- just a yoga podcast at home on sunday afternoon after I realized the YMCA closes at 6 (or was it 7?) sundays.  Monday I went to my Body pump class and used a little less weight for the back track.  My back has actually never been so sore from a workout.  Odd how that worked. I think I was using too heavy of weight before and couldn't properly do the moves. 

Current weight for Body Pump classes:
Large plate =5KG = 11 lbs
Medium plate =2.5KG = 5.5 lbs
Small plate =1KG = 2.2 lbs

Warm up:  2 L = 22 lbs
Squats: 2 L, 2 M, 2 S= 37.4 lbs (THAT'S IT?)
Chest: 2 L, 2 S= 26.4 lbs
Triceps: 2 M, 2 S= 15.4 lbs
Back: 2 L, 4 S= 30.8 lbs
Lunges: Depends on how beat my legs are from squats, usually 2 L = 22 lbs, still burrrns
Shoulders: Body weight for pushups, 2 M for side raises
Abs: nada

Speaking of backs, Found this on FB, might be useful:

Made these last night after seeing it on a friends' instagram:

Banana + PB dipped in melted dark chocolate, then frozen.  Healthy or naughty?

I wonder when I'm going to break down and buy this suit?  The top itself is over $100.  In my defense I've never spent more than $40 on a suit though, I think.

For whatever reason I thought this was relevant when I saved it to my phone:

How sweet are my mom's valentines?:

Bye for now

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