Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Food food food

“The secret of being miserable is to have the leisure to bother about whether you are happy or not. The cure is occupation.”

Doggy sat this weekend:)  We are the best buds, and his poops are teeny tiny so I don't mind being in charge of him for 2 days. 

Here we go, again.  I watched the documentary "Hungry for Change" and now I'm buying a juicer.  Going to plan on doing the 3 day detox after the St. Paddy's day run in Chicago in 2 weeks. 

Ugh, and mom has to buy magazines with delicious mac and cheese recipes: 

Trying to be best buds with my best bud, not gonna happen, boyface. 

Story of my life:

Thank GOD February is over.  It was just cold.  Now that we are having our very last snow storm of the season (I'm positive), I'm just about to get really motivated to run outside again.  2 Weeks until the 8k Chicago St. Paddy's day run. 

Last week:

Monday: Body Pump, instructor was sick, and they couldnt find a replacement in time so I had to lift weights by myself in the gym.  I saw another girl that usually goes to class and we just looked at each other confused like "what do we do?".  I did a few arm machines, ran 3 mi on treadmill then went home and cried. 
Tuesday: Bum
Wednesday: Body Pump, instructor was still sick (flu I heard) but there was a sub instructor so we had class.
Thursday: Bum
Friday:  Was SUPPOSED to go to CYC (spin) class, thought it was at 6:30, it was at 5:30.  Idiot. Went to the Y and ran 3 sad miles.
Saturday: I got up early and made it to body pump at 8:30, the class was the most full it's ever been for me.  They ran out of the normal weights so some of us had to use the 'old' weights.  1st world problems. 
All day Sunday I recovered on the couch from the night before.  Saturday night involved a lot of beer, bowling, and getting boo'd off the Kareoke stage.  Hilarious.  Even if you reeeeeallly like Nelly's "Country Grammer" and think you can rap, you can't. 

Zeus enjoying some sun and a poo at my condo:
New awesome app alert:  "Fooducate", you scan the barcode from the poptart box you're consuming poptarts from and it tells you how disgusting you are, and gives you better, healthier, non gmo, organic (if available) alternatives:

Here I scanned the yummy blackbean burgers I bought from Costco, D MINUS!?

So it recommended I try these alternatives:

But I have to eat the rest of them first :)  :(

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