Wednesday, February 13, 2013

I get it from my ... Daddy?

How cute is this new cup?

I found this plastic tumblr at Target on clearance for 9 dollars something.  I use disposable plastic cups every day at work and started to feel bad for the earth.  I drink WAY more water because of the straw, and have even started putting lemons in there.  Big things poppin.  BPA free.
Here's my sunday morning breakfast, almond milk, strawberries, and a banana.  I was out of spinach. 
My spin class monday was at a new-ish place downtown madison called CYC Fitness.  They have grueling 45 min classes, and what's awesome is that you're basically in the dark.  They turn the lights off in the room, blast the music, and have a spotlight on the instructor in the front.  I absolutley love that they spin to the beat.  Makes you really push yourself to keep up.  Mondays class was a special class because it was Beyonce themed.  'Like omg'.  The creator of CYC fitness even came all the way from New York (or Texas IDK) to teach the class.  His name is Keoni Hudoba and he's amazeballs.  This guy went from 300 and some pounds in 2009 to looking basically like a runway model now. 
Oh, and he's also an Under Armour model... nbd
I got all motivated after my spin class monday night and made an omlet to take to work the next day. With turkey bacon of course.
Am I a model yet?
I was so incredibly full after I ate this, I didnt even snack before my lunchbreak at 1.  I'll have to eat this more often..
So of course I stalked Keoni on instagram and thought this was a cool photo because it's absolutley true for most of my workouts:
Sorry, the GroupMe app notification was an unintentional part of this pic lol
I've always been the athletic type, but I can attribute my bizarre love of running to my Dad (and Mom).  Here's my Dad's latest Runkeeper activities, he is a boss:
My RunKeeper training for the half marathon in San Diego started last night, I was supposed to run 5 miles, but wasn't able to fit it in the schedule.  Shame on me.  But I will say that my two 5 mile treadmill runs in the past week make up for that.  I am however doing the 3 mile + tempo run tonight so I'll let you know how that goes.  It will be outside (finally), since it's a balmy 30 degrees outside.  Then I have my Wednesday Body Pump class afterwards.  Yeek.  Good thing I have a brand new Lululemon tank (found on saleeee) to make it all worth while ;)


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