Thursday, March 29, 2012

Weee! I'm a runnnnnner! +Shamrock Shuffle Deets

So I started running outside consistently January 2nd, 2012 (burr).  And doing hot yoga (ahhh).  I'll probably start blogging now too since almost ALL of my motivation comes from reading blogs.  I'll do another post (or twelve) on the specifics, but for now I'll start with this:

Jan: (30 Miles Total)

 Feb: (31.7 miles total)

March: (60.5 miles total)

I ran my first "race" on St Patty's Day.  It was the Shamrock Shuffle 10k
 Shamrock shuffle route, downtown Madison, WI March 17th, 2012
And we had VERY unusual weather in March for Wisconsin, guess which day was one of the HOTTEST?  You got it, Shamrock Shuffle Day:

There was one tough hill in the beginning:

Booked it the last mile, the only split I'm proud of ha

Here's Monir and I after the run in front of the Capital!
We unknowingly bought the SAME nike shirt for the big day hehe

Guns after the race. "we're Ethnic" (inside joke)
Picture my Mom took after I crossed the finish line
sorry these are out of order, this is the start of the Shuffle, State Street
After the race we talked to my parents for a bit, guzzled the free water, ate our nanners, then went to Jamba Juice where Monir got her delicious on, then to American Apparel where we just stared at expensive clothing, then.... TO BRATS for a green beer

 I'm going to hot yoga tonight at a new place on my side of town (ALL HOT YOGA IN MADISON IS ON THE WEST SIDE OR DOWNTOWN GRR).  Then I need to run my 4 mile tempo from yesterday.  I was a bit distracted by last night's new puppy visit... Details to follow in next blog post :)


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