Friday, March 30, 2012

Maxed out the Treadmill

On Monday I pounded the treadmill at the Y across the street from my condo 1. Because it's cold outside 2.  Donald Driver was performing on Dancing with the Stars and I had to watch/drool on the tv's there (I voted a total of 48 times for him between my phone and Allans later that night, love you DD!). It's the first time I've used my iSmoothRun app to track a run indoors.  It uses an 'accelerometer' and magic versus its GPS. According to my  'my coach' schedule (picture below), I was only supposed to run 4 miles easy that day. But running on a treadmill feels like 30% outdoor running effort, so really I was dragging.  The first pics are the treadmill stats (including warmup and cooldown). 

I've NEVER maxed out the time on a treadmill!  Woo, little victories.  Sounds boring, but I felt really good and got to watch tv, so whatevs. 

The next 2 pics are from the iSmoothRun app record of that same run. I stopped the app workout at 44 min, for some dumb reason. Miles four and five look a little off to me, but i was flying, so maybe I was really going that fast, I donno. That would be awesome, and I don't think I'm that awesome, yet. 

Have I mentioned that I'm obsessed with workout statistics?  If I didn't have ways to track my workouts (runkeeper, ismoothrun) I don't think I'd be half as motivated to actually complete them. 

Here's my half marathon training schedule courtesy of runnersworld.  D day is 5 days before my 28th birthday!  And here I go setting crazy goals:  I hope to run a FULL marathon before the big DIRTY THIRTY. Or maybe by my golden birthday: 5/31/2015

After my treadmill workout, I went home and posted on my facebook that I was looking for some new workout songs, and one of my friends recommended I download the Fit Radio app, and my life changed at that very moment.  LOL.
I've always loved the 5 o'clock workout mixes on the radio but never knew where I could download them. I get really tired of the same music in my itunes playlist and it feels like a second job to find the latest greatest workout music. And when I'm working out I hate the pause between songs. Fit Radio streams AWESOME music, and they mix one song into another, so there are never gaps of silence between songs like regular radio stations/playlists. So, like a good social media freak I posted my love for them on their facebook wall:

SCORE!  I'm geeked for that tank to arrive!  New workout gear GIVES ME LIFE.  When I emailed Cari my address I also suggested a Michael Jackson only radio station, she said she's working on it.  LOVE MJ. 

Tuesday I went to "hot" yoga at a new local gym, Badger Fitness 24/7.  Nice place, but the rooms aren't at full 'hotness' yet.  They're working on getting them up to 105 degress, because they're only at 84ish right now.  And I prefer to sweat uncontrollably!
On Wednesday, Lyndsay (my coworker) and I went on a walk during lunch. Wind was gusty at 11mph, and temp was 55 degrees. So not the best walking weather, but at least the sun was out.

We came across this while walking past a corn field:

At first we thought it was some type of water pump, but taking a second look at the fancy fence, I decided it must be some type of graveyard.

So we took a closer look:

Yep, some type of animal final resting place. RIP nanimals.

We got honked at by a passing car when we were walking back to the road, I hope it wasn't the land owner. Here's our spooky graveyard walk stats:

That night, my Mom came over to meet with my coworkers friend who was looking for someone to adopt her Yorkie puppy, Zeus, because she can't bring him to her new condo.  My mom fell in love.  She's been looking for a new puppy for a year now and hasn't been able to take the plunge.  It was perfect timing, and Zeus was a great deal.  I think she paid $150 for him, and he is a purebread that usually goes for $600-$1000.  He will be 1 on April 15th.  I'll have to make him a doggy birthday cake.  Zeus took a big dump right on my floor after 15 minutes of getting there.  Hope it was just nervous jitters and not a habit! 

Last night (thursday)s workout consisted of a 3.5 mile run, then Hot (warm) yoga. 
Here's the beginning of my Fit Radio selection from that run: The first song CRACKS ME UP.  "I'm ridin around and I'm gettin it".  I need a better explanation, Sir 2 Chainz.  What are you gettin? .......... All I know is 'it's his, he spent it'. Well ok then...
Beast song of the run definatley had to be TI, "Beat Down Low".  Perfect tempo for my running pace.
Closing note:
I giggled at today's Living Social Deal in my email inbox:: "Lasik Surgery Package - 2 Locations".  Really!?  First of all, since when are surgeries advertised on a discount website, and second, how is surgery a 'social deal'?  haha.  You mean I can get my eyes sliced opened at EITHER LOCATION?  I wonder if I could get my left eye sliced at location A, then my right eye sliced at location 2?  Can I split this deal, sir?  NO?
I'm off to Chicago to see my bff's new house!  She's got a bun in the oven, so I'm going to photograph their 'announcement' photos.  Shhhhhhhh...

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