Thursday, July 29, 2010

88 Days to go!

Stab me.  PLEASE.

This is what was staring up at me throughout my WHOLE workout last night:


Last night's workout wasn't that bad.  It was Cardio-x and the first half of the 45 minutes was all yoga!?  But it was intense yoga.  Next time I'm going to do that part with my shoes off to make it easier to stay in the poses. 

The second half of the workout was mostly kicking, punching, and jumping leg lifts. Definatley worked my lungs. 

The sorest part of my body is the sides of my abdomen and my butt/back of my thighs.  I just realized that the harest workout, Kenpo X, falls on sundays for me, and monday is my relax/yoga day.  But since I started on a tuesday, that's just how the schedule fell into place. 

Tonight is shoulders and arms, followed by ab ripper.  Ab ripper is tacked onto the end of a few workouts, but it's only 16 min long.  My uncle gave me a heads up that it's brutal. 

I felt sick again nearing the end and had to lay down immediatley after stretching. Hopefully that goes away soon.  Was supposed to go to my friends house for a bonfire and smores after my workout :(  I should stop making plans for after these workouts until i'm able to function within an hour after them!  When I started to feel better I made some chicken salad, from scratch, which i'm about to eat in an hour for lunch.  I tasted it last night and it is AWESOME. 

  Unrelated, I want these dresses: 

The red one is around $100 online and the yellow is vintage -some designer, so impossible to get my hands on :(

Both pictures are from Vintage Vandalism's blog:  here  LOVE HER

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